Just as the picture above might suggest, i don’t miss out on a chance to be silly and let the kid inside of me resurface and play. It is part of who i am and what i believe in.

I have decided to take a different approach at a food blog. Seeing that most the blogs i stumbled upon have perfect recipes and final plates -yes those picture perfect, mouth-watering, drool inducing photos- i thought i’d create a blog of all the fails i encounter in the kitchen with, from time to time, a success or a kitchen hack.
That way those of you, whom like me, tend to make a mess won’t feel alone!

Although my blog might not show it, i hold a silver medal in the “Junior Chef Live Cooking Competition” held by HORECA (2011). I graduated the same year (BBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management) and started working in the kitchen. French cuisine, Italian cuisine, International cuisine… Due to a car accident,  my days in the kitchen were over. Now, i cook for those i love or when i am inspired!.  This goes to show that no matter what you achieve, keep in mind that you are only human.

And as human beings it is our right, no, our duty to have fun.