New year’s eve….off the wrong foot!

This new year’s eve has been one of a kind! Surrounded by people I love and most importantly by food I love!! πŸ˜‰

For this year we decided we would have a small gathering at home, background music and yummy food. What more could you ask for?

With my best friend and partner in crime, in the kitchen that is, we sat down and started throwing ideas at each other. Setting the menu was a big hassle. We wanted to cook something special but had one of our friends who was on a strict diet! We stayed up till 3 am trying to decide in vain! Next day I talked to said friend and told her it was new year’s eve and it was her right, no her DUTY, to have a cheat day. She wasn’t that happy about it but agreed to some degree.

Who in their right mind goes shopping for NYE on the 31st? Well as you might have guessed, we did. Only once we got there did we decide on what we will make for dinner! As for the dessert, it was already set; I had asked a friend to make an oreo cheesecake because her recipe is heavenly! She asked me to bring cream and condensed milk.

Getting the items was easy, paying for them was a different story. We waited in line for about 20 min for our turn. Crazy I know! We were expecting people over at around 20:30-21:00, we left the store at 18:00 and ran to my friend’s place so she could prepare the cheese cake while we prepared the veggies so that, once we got back home, all we needed to do was prep the meat and throw everything together in the oven.
Crust done and spread on both trays. Cheese mix, done a divided for both trays.

“Something is off” said my friend, “there’s too little cheese mix, usually with 1L of cream I have double the amount! I feel like I forgot something”.

“Did you put cheese?” I asked jokingly. Her facial expressions changed😨😨😨

“Oh my god!!!!!!!! I forgot the cheese!!!!!!!! How did I not notice?? How did I forget???!!! It’s ok we leave it like this and tell no one!”

My best friend, T., looked at me with big eyes and said: ” I TOLD YOU! HA I TOLD YOU!!!”

Indeed he had. When we were at the store getting the cream and condensed milk amongst other things he suggested we get cheese and I replied that she must have some otherwise she would have asked me to get some. He asked if I was sure and I was like “yeah yeah don’t worry”

Cheesecake design in progress!

So, cheese-less cheesecake ready, we went back home and straight to the kitchen. Oven preheated thanks to my husband, i quickly prepped the lamb leg and tossed the veggies onto a tray, seasoned them and popped everything in the oven!

Salt, black pepper, garlic, loooots of dijon mustard and loooots of butter!
Pour some red wine over the meat for extra yummy-ness
Salt pepper and a drizzle of olive oil! The bone is just for extra aroma.

On to the appetisers. Boiled water for the edamame. Prepared the garlic bread and cheese. Unfortunately I dont have pictures of these 2 because they were gone before i could say “edamame”!  It was already 21:45 at that time and people were hungry!

My friend came into the kitchen and asked if she could help. I told her everything is under control, the veggies and meat are in the oven the salad is done and T. is making the dressing. “And the wedges?” She asked.

😨😨😨😨😨😨😨 T. overhearing the conversation jumped! “THE WEDGES!!!!!! Quick, you peel the potatoes, I cut and season them!”

I think I broke the record for fastest potato peeling time!

Into the over they went. And now we wait!

And wait….

And wait…….

And wait…………

By the time food was ready, it was already 23:50. We served the food and wished each other a happy new year taking into consideration the fact that we would be too busy eating and thus we wouldn’t know it hit 12.

The salad is pretty basic: rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and goat cheese with a balsamic dressing!

Guess again! At 12 the power cut and everyone laughed and said a legit happy new year!

Mind you, with all the small hiccups, dinner was delicious and people were happy! As for the cake, no one noticed it was missing cheese and everyone liked it!

Hope this year won’t be as hectic as its start!


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