Left-overs: from ugh to drool!

You know how they say that habits are hard to change? Well i can tell you for sure that it is true! Coming from a somewhat big family, cooking was usually made in large quantities. Cutting it down to just two has been quite a hassle, i’m still trying to get the hang of it.

Having said that, it is quite understandable that i am usually left with some extra food. That is a positive thing when you have just enough for the next day but when you eat the same thing 2 days in a row and still have some more, weeeeeeeeelll it’s not that exciting anymore. 

Just when the idea of throwing it out starts to form, a voice comes ringing in your head: “There are people dying from hunger!!!”. How many of you have heard this or something similar to it as a child? Yeah i thought so! It usually came after not finishing your plate or not wanting to eat something in particular (broccoli).

Fine i’m not throwing it out but what can i do with my veggies in pink sauce? Plus I’m pretty sure that if my husband asks me what’s for lunch and i tell him same thing as yesterday he would go grumpy but end up eating it anyway! Poor thing taking the blame, it is actually me who is fed up of eating the same thing!

Ok enough with the smalltalk, let’s get down to business. Here is how i turned my leftover veggies in pink sauce into a yummy gratin.

I started by boiling one pack of pasta until it became al dente. You need it to still be chewy because it will continue its  cooking in the oven. Otherwise it will overcook and you’ll be left with a lumpy dish.

While the pasta was cooking, i adjusted the sauce to get the consistency and quantity i wanted. I added a bit of cream, a bit of tomato sauce, a pinch of oregano; stirred the whole thing, brought it to a boil, then put it aside.

I wanted to add a bit of protein so I cut into chunks two thick steaks. I just seared and seasoned them. Don’t throw away the juices, add them to the sauce!
Having all my components ready, it’s time for the layering!

Mix together the sauce with the pasta and pour them in a baking dish.

Add the meat on top.

top it with some cheese and pop that baby in the oven for 10-15 min at 400°F.

Annnnnd droooooool!!

Bun-awe-pet-it !


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