Aaaaaand she’s back!

Hello little munchkins! Miss me much?After my last post i realised i was short on “material”. PANIC MODE ON!!!!! what to do? what to do? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!

Well i’m back with a few changes. I’ve decided that i will post whatever it is i’m making for the first time. Your suggestions are more than welcomed! Oh oh and one more thing, I will be posting once or twice a week instead of on a daily basis. Do we have a deal? Ok great!
For a while now my husband had been asking me to make a quinoa salad like the ready made one he found in stores. I gave him a challenge accepted look! He will never buy those salads after he tastes what I’m about to make, MUHAHAHAHAHA! 😈 😈(Dramatic music in the background)

First things first, the quinoa:

3 cups of water for 1 cup of quinoa. You wait for the water to boil and add the quinoa. Leave it for about 15 min and drain. 

Step 2: The capsicums

3 medium sized capsicums. An orange one, a yellow one and a red one, all diced and tossed on top of the quinoa.

Step 3: the mixed veggies

I used a can of mixed veggies. You can use anything you like. This one had carrots, peas, beans…. a good mix. Drain well and add to the dish.

Step 4: the rocket leaves

I just took a bunch, cut out the stems and washed them. You dont really need to chop them or anything just throw them in and enjoy the freshness they bring to the salad!

Now for the most important, crucial even, part of the salad: The Dressing

Yes. The dressing is the most important part of a salad as it is the link to all the ingredients. It is the personality of the salad. Imagine your dream soulmate. The perfect body, the perfect style, the perfect financial situation but with one hell of a crappy personality. Would you still concider them to be the perfect mate? Hell no!!! I thought so too! (On a side note, if you answered yes to the previous question well then to you sir/madam i would say good luck. You might as well eat your salad without any dressing!)

My quinoa would have a fresh zingy personality.

First, the juices of 2 lemons

1 teaspoon of salt

1/2 a teaspoon of dried oregano

1/2 a teaspoon of fine herbs

1/2 a cup of olive oil

1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard

Mix it all together aaaand VoilΓ !

Pour it on top of the rest and eat without moderation!

I had made enough to last for the next day for lunch but the only thing that was left was an empty dish!

Challenge accepted, challenge surpassed! Or so i thought; now my husband keeps asking me to make that quinoa salad over and over again!


10 thoughts on “Aaaaaand she’s back!

  1. lady…. you probably should have told the people that it’s important to rinse the quinoa first…. also shame on you for using canned veggies!!! fresh is better: better crunch!!! like cauliflower and broccoli and carrot!!!… also husband? what? WHAT?!?!?!
    also it’s awesome to have you back, i can’t wait to comment on everything:P cuz you love me!


    1. Hahahahaha!!! Well i told you there is a lot we need to catch up on! As for the canned veggies well, we do with what we have. I never said i was perfect and i don’t usually wash the quinoa beforehand but i guess ill do now! Plus you know you would eat it even if i didnt wash it first because you love me!


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