Apparently reheating left-overs is not my thing!

I had some left-overs from yesterday, a couple of skewers and oven baked potatoes. And since i didnt feel like actually cooking, left-overs it was.

Went to the kitchen and got everything ready, as they say the “mise en place”.

Popped the pan on the stove and put in the skewers, the grilled tomatoes and the onions. Mmmmm it smelled so good!!

Up next, the potatoes! 

Seing that i felt particularly lazy, i didnt want to add dishes to the sink. I just did my nails and i wouldn’t want ro ruin them!…….Naaaaaaaaah i’m just lazy!

I just wiped the pan, tossed in the potatoes with a tiny bit of water so they wouldn’t stick and put the lid back on. After a few minutes i just held down the lid, gave the pan a couple of nudges so as to mix it all up in there and it was done.

Dumdumduuuuuuummm! Got myself a plate and removed the lid. 


My potatoes were golden when i got them out the fridge and tossed them in. why did they turn on me like that?

The smell was still the same; took a piece to taste it and it was…well….it was weird. Imagine the zesty taste of lemon, mixed with a hint of burnt onion skin and a dash of caramelised tomato juice. I figured the water i added dissolved whatever was left from the juices that burned up on the edges of the pan, giving the potatoes their colour and taste.

Well time for dinner now! Care to join?

Yes, it is a plastic plate you see and no im not doing the dishes tonight!


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