Eureka moment in the kitchen!

So today i had my in-laws coming over for lunch. One of the things i hate, from the deepest darkest core of my being, is cleaning, picking and “finely” chopping green leaves. And as my luck has always been against me, what did i get stuck with? Tabbouleh of course! 

After removing the dandelions from the bunch and cleaning it, i was left with this 

At the sight of the amout of parsley I had to chop, i had the urge to cancel the whole thing! Oh God how i wish i could! I had a lot of things to prepare before they arrived and knowing myself, chopping would take me forever.

“What could i do? Think fast woman… think faster!!!” I was saying to myself as i was picking the leaves to prepare them for the massacre. And then, it hit me!


I am a genius! Instead of doing the whole thing manually i’ll use this

As i opened it to put in the leaves, i took a look inside and i swear i could hear a choir of angels harmonising! 

In goes the leaves, put on high speed for 1-2 minutes et voilà!!

Finely chopped parsley done in less than 5 minutes! I gave myself a pat on the shoulder and whispered “good job”.

I even chopped the onions afterwards. No crying, no itchy eyes, no stinky hands. I felt almighty! Blasphemy you might say; i don’t care i saved myself hours of pure agony!

The tabbouleh was great. The fact that i had found a way around all the trouble made it even better!

Next time chopping is involved, i know what i’m going to do. Do you?


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