As you all know I have tried my luck with a banana cake that failed drastically! Next on my list was a Reversed Pineapple Cake. 

The idea came from my sister when she sent me the picture of her cake. And it looked delicious!

Wrote down the recipe as she was dictating it to me over the phone and I was off to the kitchen.

Preheated the oven at the RIGHT temperature this time and put the whole thing together.First the caramel, then the pineapple and finally the cake batter. Now, the oven.

The smell was sooooo good. It filled the entire house . I was drooling to the idea of having a taste.

Timer rings…. the moment of truth!

Here is how the cake was supposed to look, needless to say my sister is better at this than I am.

Aaaaaaaaaaannnnd here is how mine turned out

Not so good looking but I assure you I got one thing right. It was delicious!!

I guess my mistake was that I didn’t properly butter the pan and everything got stuck. I couldn’t get the cake out without the massacre.


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