How it all began!

We have all visited many websites and blogs about cooking, trying to find a good recipe for dinner, looking for something to use the eggs left in the fridge before they go bad (omelet is not my thing!) Or plain and simply to drool over the beautiful pictures they post!

What we never see is the real cooking, in a sense that, what is delivered to us is just a polished version of a meal after trial and error.

The idea here is to bring back a bit of reality. If I failed my first batch of chicken tenders, you will witness it and maybe even relate to it. But the key is to show the progress so that no matter how hard it might be, or how long it may take, if I can make it than anyone can!


4 thoughts on “How it all began!

  1. I love this blog! This month, I’m trying to teach a class on Skillshare ( if you’re interested) and it’s about cooking for beginners. I know what I fail with in the kitchen but I have no idea what’s hard for others so I’ll be sure to check back here and look for things that could be useful.
    And now that I’ve read this post, I wonder how many failed versions food bloggers produce before they publish their perfect food and recipes.

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